Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Day Seventy - It's Winter

Bought a pair of winter boots yesterday. My Mum surprised me by saying 'they are really sensible for you, good for winter'. Note the word 'surprise' because before you start thinking I bought my first flat pair with good rubber soles, these boots had a 5" heel and 1" platform. Exactly who would class them as 'good' for walking through puddles and 4" of snow, I don't know! Speaking of inappropriate footwear. I wore these cute sandals yesterday and the rain was torrential. I was soaked through and it took a good few hours before I started to dry out. My toes were also like blocks of ice, perhaps time to put away the open toes! Although on the plus side, these shoes are mega comfortable. Be Beau by Matalan black patent and suedette platform sandals with elasticated back


  1. have the same. Very comfortable. +1

    1. cool, completely forgot about these shoes...think I sold them some time ago!


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