Saturday, 3 October 2009

Day Forty Seven - When The Stars Didn't Shine

So my Mum and sister were looking forward to spending the day with the lovely Ronan Keating and Aidan Quinn, but it wasn't to be. Why would they be mixing with a Hollywood actor and boyband singer you may ask? Well, every year a host of celebs invade our wee town to play golf in the Dunhill Cup. My Mum adores Aidan (added bonus that he's in our fave show ever 'Third Watch') and both love Ronan-so they were going to follow them around the course for the day (it just so happened both stars were playing together, perfect!). Unfortunately the wind really picked up last night (gale force!) and it was postponed at the last minute. Mum is going on holiday tomorrow, so she's really disappointed that she's missed them, but my sister will go (as she does every year) to watch.

I'm really in two minds about the shoes today. They feature this gorgeous little Blythe image, a polished wood wedge heel and even have the word 'Blythe' stitched around the back. However the platform wedge makes my foot very flat and I can't really walk in flat shoes, I like having height, so I'm thinking about selling them. They are so special and unique though that I'm having second thoughts. However I must admit that I haven't found the perfect outfit for them yet (hence why they've gone unworn) and doubt I will, so I think my mind is made up. Copper Blythe 'Chini' dimple toe shoes by Irregular Choice


  1. I couldn't get on with this pair either - I sold them on.

  2. Yeah I sold them in the end-just seemed so clumpy and kept slipping off my feet.


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