Friday, 30 October 2009

Day Seventy Two - In Search Of Cadburys

The reason this post comes today and not yesterday is because I spent the entire day trying to get a Giles Deacon scarf! If you haven't heard the buzz; Giles designed the uber gorgeous spotty dress that the Caramel Bunny wears in the new Cadbury's Nibbles ad. He has also produced a Limited Edition scarf which was being sold in pop-up stores all over the internet. It was a race to find which shop opened, when and join the queue, hopefully bagging a scarf for free, before the doors shut and the store moved elsewhere. Sounds like fun, however there were some technical difficulties along the way which involved me sitting glued to my computer from 10am until around 4pm before things started hotting up. Around half 5, I was the proud owner of said scarf, phew! It was a superb idea which even involved the assistants speaking to you to confirm your address and you seeing your scarf wrapped in the jiffy bag addressed to you (how cool is that?). I typed my address so quickly that my 2-name town became one and I couldn't stop laughing when the poor assistant said it all in one word, oopsy! Anyway, hopefully the scarf will still get here in one piece. It's just a shame that the game was slightly spoilt by the 6 hour wait, but winning the scarf certainly made up for it, wonderful idea Cadbury's!Wearing lilac silk, slip on mules with wonderful brooch detail from TKMaxx. I wore these shoes to a friends wedding a few years ago, but think they will go on the 'for sale' pile as I never have the occasion to wear them nowadays.

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