Friday, 30 October 2009

Day Seventy Three - Winter Panic Over

I've written out a huge list of all the shoes in my room that I haven't yet worn on The Shoe Girl Diaries and I'm hoping the panic over what I will wear all winter is over. I have many pairs of shoes in storage, but I don't really want to have to go into that until the weather is warmer. I don't fancy raking through the cold shed with spiders in the dark! Hopefully I'll have enough pairs to last, I certainly have enough for the next couple of months anyway. I love the shoes I'm wearing today or rather that I want to wear today. One of the diamante chains is broken and isn't attached properly anymore, so it's swinging around. I have certainly worn them lots over the years, but I'm still disappointed that they are broken. Can you believe that these are supermarket shoes?Cream sandals with hanging chains and diamante and 'opal' flower detail by Florence+Fred at Tesco.

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