Friday, 23 October 2009

Day Sixty Six - A Fish Out of Water

I feel very 'artsy' looking today! I'm wearing lacey footless tights, worn halfway down my foot and a paint splashed, wrapover, voluminous (strangely shaped) dress which is black with olive green. I decided the term 'less is more' is totally out of the window and chucked on my long multi-strand pearls too. I even put a thick black liner all over my lids then a shimmery olive eyeshadow over the top-it looks really cool. I am also wearing these gorgeous and again slightly 'odd' shoes to complete the look. I know some people loathe the split styles and others love them. Personally I'm kind of on the fence, they aren't the most comfortable things and I do have to take a bigger size in them.
Green and gold, split-toe 'Fish Out Of Water' by Irregular Choice

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