Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day Forty Eight - Star Spotting

Last night saw the spectacular fireworks display during the Dunhill dinner (from our house though it sounded like we were being bombed-and during The X Factor too-how rude!). Mum and Dad always like to go with their buddies, not just to see the display, but who's attending. They spotted the usuals, actor Kyle MacLachlan (his hair is V long according to Mum, while her friend was thinking 'Craig MacLachlan'!), Hugh Grant with Ronan Keating (both very popular and posed for the paps together, Ro was the entertainment for the evening along with Huey Lewis). Sportsmen Ian Botham, Steve Redgrave, Bobby Charlton, Ruud Gullit, Alan Hansen (soooooo tall), Tim Henman (got a big cheer), Shane Warne, Jamie Redknapp ('absolutely gorgeous'). Also Don Felder (The Eagles) and Tico Torres (Bon Jovi), plus a whole load of unknowns that my Mum took pics off 'just incase they were famous'! She was extremely disappointed that she didn't see Aidan Quinn. He was supposed to be playing in the postponed game from yesterday, today-but wasn't at that either, so I reckon he must have had to go home.
One mystery guest that had my Mum all in a tizz though (other than Jamie R) was this guy (above). Who is he? We very much like 'mystery man' and his lovely eyes!! His partner also got my award for best dressed (although there wasn't much competition). She wore a long red gown but her accessories were super cool, bronze knotted peep-toes, oversized brown clutch with fine gold chain strap and a super chunky 'wowza' jewelled bangle. Anyway if someone can identify my new crush, please let me know (or perhaps he's really a minger but took a good photo!).
Polka dot court shoes with bow Matalan and House of Holland tights.

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