Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 767 - Shadows Fill An Empty Heart

Shoes: Black suede 'Wowzers' Irregular Choice 

Quick post today-right as I was taking these pictures, someone came to fix the bathroom and I really couldn't stand there taking photos of my shoes in front of him! Plus there's like no daylight right now, it's ridiculous! The little pavement gritter went out today, which I think was a bit premature considering we've only had a little frost. I was crunching my way through it outside, it's so deep. It was bitterly cold though yet again! See you tomorrow x

Wearing: Pink and black floral dress ASOS Curve, leggings and horse coat Primark, cardigan Bonmarche. Fit: 4 1/2" heel, quite a snug fit.
Comfort: No issues.

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