Friday, 2 November 2012

Day 749 - Admittedly, I Probably Did It Subliminally For You

Shoes: Green bunny 'Out Of Africa' Irregular Choice 

I had an ace day shopping yesterday so didn't have time to post anything and was already playing catch-up.  This is my outfit from Tuesday? I think, the days blend together!  The shoes, I've never worn before and I don't think I've worn this dress all summer, but with a vest underneath and cardi on top, it was cosy enough for this time of year.  My hair has gone very green now, there's not really any blue left in it, so I'm getting quite excited about re-colouring it, as I'm hopefully going to go a little bolder!

Wearing:  Beach  print dress, leggings, vest top (worn underneath) and spotty coat all Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, belt taken from another dress.
Fit: Snug fit in width and length.  Heel 3 1/2".
Comfort: On the small side for me, which caused a little discomfort.


  1. Ooh they're too low for me, but I like the print on them, and your entire outfit looks fab together as usual :) X

    1. yeah same for me-have put them up on ebay, as I'm desperate for more shoe space and money!

  2. Pretty colour on the shoes! I own this dress too ;) By the way , there's a little linky to you on my latest post x


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