Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 751 - You Carry Hate That I Don't Feel

Shoes: Pastel 'Bubbly Gum' Kandee

I'm getting myself all muddled with juggling three posts in my head! This is from yesterday and what I'd like to call my 'Unicorn Feet'. I was delirious when the wind started blowing outside, ruffling my pretty, pastel 'feathers' and giving me unicorn like hooves (see bottom pic)! I was a little (actually completely) worried that I'd break these attachments getting them on and off. There is no opening, just two very thin strings of elastic (covered in pretty pink pearls) at the back and it was stretched to capacity coming over my heel! I really didn't want to take them off, because I could tell they were going to burst, but thankfully I managed...although I'm terrified of wearing them again as pretty as they are. I played up the pastel theme but being wintry, had to add a black cardi, leggings and a vest underneath this dress.

Wearing:  Diner print dress Very, black leggings, vest and coat Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, ankle attachments taken from the So-Yeon Sarah shoe by Irregular Choice.
Fit: 4" heel and 3/4" platform, you need to take a full size up in these.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues.


  1. I've never noticed what a pretty colour your eyes are before!
    This outfit is simply brilliant, I adore every aspect of it- the shoe attachments are super- wondering if I could make something like this! The dress is really cute, was it a recent acquisition?x

    1. thank you! They are green but sometimes look very brown in photos. Sure you could diy some ankle thingies. I got the dress in the summer : )

  2. such details!
    love how they made feather colours though that looks so delicate...
    just cute!!
    may you could run the sky as unicorn*。゜hehe


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