Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day 754 - Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Shoes:  Gunmetal glitter 'Attack' Carvela

Hello, an early-ish post from me today, this outfit is from Thursday.  I spoke on Pink Haired Princess about my glitter and ladylike shoe obsession recently and how I'm trying to break the cycle of keeping really sparkly shoes like these for special occasions only.  Thursday was just an ordinary day for me and I went out for my usual short walk and that was it.  Some people might think glitter shoes are a bit 'overdressed' (I did get a few funny looks) but then every day I'm overdressed considering I don't really go anywhere and I have to say I felt fabulous in them!  I fully expected these shoes to be completely uncomfortable and difficult to walk in, but they are so cushioned underfoot that your foot is hitting padding and they don't hurt at all.  I'm not saying that heel height with no platform will be for everyone but I managed a really good pace in them and my feet weren't sore.  The dress is also new, I spied it instore and was desperate to get my hands on it next time DP were running a promotion.  I struggled to find it on the website but that's because it was under 'tops/tunics' rather than 'dresses'.  I can see why, it's rather short!

Wearing:  Crochet collar spotty dress Dorothy Perkins, coat, hat and leggings Primark, cardigan Bonmarche.
Fit: Run narrow, but I felt the next size up were gaping in places, so stuck to my regular size. 4 3/4" heel.
Comfort:  No issues with these, although the heel height won't be for everyone.


  1. :o I think this is the first time to see you with knit cap
    looks good!


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