Saturday, 17 November 2012

Day 759 - Follow That Unicorn On The Road To Love

Shoes: Black patent 'Paw Paw' Irregular Choice 

Hello! Here's my outfit from yesterday, after another visit to the dentist. I swear I'm going to go bankrupt through the expense of dental appointments, transport to and from and all the brushes and mouthwash and floss I have to buy! Maybe I should take out shares in toothbrushes or something! Anyway, don't think I've worn these shoes before although I have had them for some time. The little teddy on the front is attached with studs and there are different attachments, but none look as nice (or sit properly), so I'll be keeping the teds on. I thought black tights would be a bit boring, so opted for some colour.

Wearing: Bird print dress Dorothy Perkins, cardigan Bonmarche, unicorn brooch and Marilyn Monroe ring Bambi Cottage, leopard ring and purple tights Primark, owl ring H&M, quilted bag Love Moschino.
Fit: True to size, a little 'flat' in the toe. Adjustable buckle on strap. Just over 4" heel.
Comfort: I think the strap could rub at the back of the heel, but otherwise no issues.


  1. I'm so jealous, I tried this dress on a few times last year and was between sizes so didn't end up getting it - and i've never seen these shoes before - need! xx

    1. I know what you mean, this one is larger and it's huge around my waist with big gaping armholes, but I think the smaller size would be too tight around the bust. I never know which size to order from DP these days. The shoes also came in red or blue ; )


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