Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 757 - Miss Never Let A Man Help Her Off Her Throne

Shoes: Black patent heart peep toe Moschino Cheap & Chic

A really late post for me, as I've been out of the house all day.  Unfortunately it was to the dental hospital again, nothing exciting!  We did pop into Debenhams on the way back (spending money I sooo don't have) and I was absolutely shattered with all the standing and walking.  I was almost dropping to the floor in pain-I was just desperate to sit down and get home.  Of course it was one of those days when the bus was late, it started raining, we had to change buses and the driver didn't drop us off directly at the stop, gah!  So I was absolutely pooped by the time we got back.  I also managed to put my entire hand (not just a finger) through these tights this morning (new on as well).  I did my trick of putting a pair of pants over the top and actually they were more comfortable than if they hadn't ripped (my bum and hips had room!).  I absolutely LOVE this entire outfit, this dress is killer.  It's perhaps a tad too long as is, but I love that it lifts my bust and shows my waist as all too often dresses go boobs then hips on me!  This is the outfit I had in mind when I ordered these shoes, I just knew they would look so pretty together.  The pearl collar, I ended up not wearing.  It started to annoy me and I thought it would get in the way at the dentist.  Phew, long post, leave you with pics including me slumped on any chair I could find in the shop! Oh and the hair is growing on me today x

Wearing: Heart print Betty dress Clements Ribeiro Swan, heart tights Primark, belt taken from another dress, bag Gossipi, pearl collar necklace Primark, turquoise ring my Granny's, pearl ring gift, large ring Topshop, bag Gossipi.
Fit: 4 1/4" heel, a little generous in the heel.
Comfort: No issues with these and easy to walk in.


  1. I love this outfit!-if you ever consider selling these shoes then please let me know! We actually have loads of the same clothes but you style them up a lot better than me. I wore those primark tights twice before putting a hole in them so bought another pair yesterday and the bow print and spider web print ones! also did you know that you get free next tights worth £6 with company magazine?-think you get a couple of colour choices too. Sucky in tights-you cant beat them! x

  2. haha, no chance of selling them yet! No, didn't know about the free tights, will have to check them out. I have an obscene amount of tights, so I guess one less pair is no hardship!


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