Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 753 - It's In His DNA & He Just Takes My Breath Away

Shoes: Black and gold strawberry 'Moonlight' Miss L Fire 

My aim over the weekend is to get caught up on posts because I'm a little behind.  I'm selling loads of stuff on eBay this weekend anyway, so probably won't have any further posts as eBay will keep me occupied.  This outfit is completely out of sync on the blog, as it's from last Thursday (1st November).  I went shopping that day and didn't have time to write the post then and it's been ignored all week.  Firstly I love this dress so much.  It has such a swishy, full skirt without being bulky.  Primark also have it in a couple of different colours with large spots and I was so excited to find the navy one last week, but sadly the zip was broken : (  These shoes seemed to cause a big reaction, especially in older ladies!  There were several pensioners who stopped me to tell me they loved my shoes-not sure if that's a good thing or not!  My toes were like ice by the time we got home because it turned really cold.  I took some pictures when we got back even although the daylight had gone and I looked rather messed up (after being boiling in the shops, then freezing coming home).  In the end it was those images I've used  instead because I preferred them to the polished, perfect hair, matte makeup I had earlier in the day!  There's something cute about being all dishevelled ; )

Wearing:  Bird print dress, leggings, hat all Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, belt taken from another dress, Marilyn Monroe brooch Bambi Cottage, large rabbit ring Miss Selfridge, monkey, rabbit and duck rings Topshop, owl ring H&M.
Fit: True to size, 3 3/4" heel.
Comfort: These have been known to rub at the heel before, but were fine all day.  Quite a low heel for me!


  1. Oh this dress and these boots are so perfect together!! x x

  2. Don't know if you're brave or daft wearing open toed shoes ;0)
    I looked at the dress in Primark today but they only had it in small sizes. But I managed to get a Sausage-dog dress & a rabbit playsuit for £5 each on sale.
    And the Henry Holland Squirrel print dress & a beaded unicorn Tshirt both on sale.
    Love how you've worn the brooch, it's much more noticeable that way ;0)
    I'm going to make some more small ones when I've got the laptop fixed so I can print some more pics.

    I'm going to make some more of the small brooches once I get my

    1. And I've just noticed the typing I thought had disappeared was further down the page!! Doh! Not at all clever :0(
      ;0) x

    2. I thought it was reasonably warm that day-not by 4pm though!! I'm getting sick of Primark with their small sizes, that's all I ever find, rails of size 8's! Think I'm going to Debenhams next week when their promotion is on to see if I can get the HH star print dress with velvet collar if it's reduced-at £40, it's too expensive for me to get full-price. Can't wait to see the new brooches x x x


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