Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 540 - A New Style

Shoes: Black 'Long Lashes' Irregular Choice

Well today was the calm after the storm, however it was dry and there was no frost or ice so I was keen to get out. These are new boots which I've just posted about on Pink Haired Princess. They have this strange curved bottom, so indoors you could spin on them! I wondered if they would be difficult to walk in as the heel slips a little (like my Mo' Money Mo' Heel pair) and combined with the not so solid base?? However they weren't too bad, I found walking heel first really helped and if the boot slipped off my heel slightly, I just let it. I could already feel the boots working out my legs and it would have been too much of a strain to attempt to stop the boots slipping each step. That said, you never feel like it's going to cause you to stumble or fall, at all-it merely changes your style of walking (I felt like I couldn't do my usual high-heeled, girly wiggle I always do). They were super, super cosy though and I only tried these on to take photos for the blog, then realised I didn't want to take them off! I combined them with an ultra feminine dress because I felt the boots were already very masculine and I'm too much of a girl to just roll with that! Oh and I love my suede leggings, so much warmer than my regular pairs!

Wearing: Lilac pansy print wrap dress Fearne Cotton for Very, black suede leggings and cardigan Primark.
Fit: Solestruck do a good job of describing these, they are true to size but large in the heel. Heel just under 4", platform 1 3/4".
Comfort: I wore these without any socks or tights and although they didn't bother me today, I wonder if the constant heel slipping would begin to rub after a while.


  1. I like them! They look lovely and warm!

  2. I like these lots! They remind me slightly of hooves so I'd feel like a faun hopping around in them hehe (a very warm faun at that!) :D

  3. Thanks ladies, yeah very cosy and yes Rai, very like hooves!


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