Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 542 - To Be Blunt

Shoes: Indigo ankle boot 'Blunt' Feud

I tried to capture the wonderful heel on these boots today as you don't usually get to see that when I photograph them. I was nearly killed by a shoe box avalanche earlier-how many times has that happened to me now? I'd already fixed a clothes one; when I opened a cupboard and they all fell out on my head. I was reaching up to get these boots on top of my wardrobe and thought I could just wiggle the bottom box out, the three on top had other ideas and came crashing down all around me and although I saw it coming, I didn't have enough hands to stop it. I desperately need more room to store my shoes, as I'm permanently juggling them to gain a little space. The two large boxes of Irregular Choice boots I bought last week and my JC Night Walk have no home currently and every day I'm moving them to get into my wardrobe and take these pics, grrr. One day I'll have my own walk-in shoe room, one day...

Wearing: Dotty dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, zebra scarf in hair, black cardigan and leggings all Primark, belt ?
Fit: Concealed platform 1 1/4", heel 5 1/4". True to size, slip on.
Comfort: Boy were these comfy today, a really nice heel height too.

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