Monday, 26 December 2011

Day 551 - Christmas Eve

Shoes: Black velvet 'Lillie' cherry Topshop

I hope you've all had a very merry Christmas so far. Christmas Eve is probably even more exciting than the big day itself I think.  That excitement and buzz should be bottled!  I've not been very good at managing to get decent photos of my outfits over the past couple of days unfortunately.  I've been back to using my broken camera which has given up yet again and it's been pretty dark too, so impossible conditions for taking good photos.  Had I not spent all my pennies on a winter coat and some Topshop shoes then I would've been able to afford a new camera!  Speaking of, my order arrived on Christmas Eve and I was desperate to wear the shoes inside, so did so immediately!  I bought both pairs of the Lillie cherry shoe, this pair are a little large as they'd sold out of my size, so I ordered the next one up.

P.S. I had to steal some outfit pics from last time I wore this dress...oh and I wish the amazing sparkle of my eyeshadow had shown up properly, I added some MAC glitter over the top and it looked wonderful.

Wearing:  Black and ivory bow dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black fleece lined tights Primark and I forgot to photograph my rings.
Fit:  True to size (seeing as these are a size larger the ankle strap is better than the 38 but they are big in the heel).  Heel 5 6/8", platform 1 1/2".
Comfort:  No issues with them.
Then I decided to take the opportunity to wear a different outfit at night for our second church service.  It's been really windy, had turned colder but not icy, so I wrapped up but got to wear heels!  This change came at about 10.30pm, so my photos were really bad-again I've stolen some other pics so you get the idea. This was the only shoe shot I could salvage and it had to be the one where the shoe was cropped!
Shoes: Red 'Dice' Blythe & Irregular Choice

Wearing:  Dog print dress H by Henry Holland, black leggings and cardi Primark, socks with fur Flirt at ASOS.
Fit: True to size, just over 4 1/4" heel and small concealed platform, lace up.
Comfort:  No issues with these.


  1. Whoa! That's a first I've seen in your posts: a complete outfit change to something new! ;o
    But both really suits you well~ Hope you had a nice Christmas :)

  2. Yes it is Chris! Thanks, hope you've had a lovely time over Christmas.


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