Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Day 552 - Christmas Day

Shoes: Red velvet 'Lillie' cherry Topshop

Thankfully, I'd prepared this post yesterday because I took rather unwell today.  I think it's a combination of eating too much and doing too much.  I feel completely hungover, even although I don't drink and was shivering and thought I was going to be sick.  I slept all afternoon, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.  Christmas day was spent at my sisters house with all my family.  My three little nephews were on good form and it was a lovely day.  I'd had it in mind to wear this dress for a while, I though it needed a belt and had asked for one for Christmas as my other 2 buckle one is on it's way out.  This one from Santa was perfect and I also wore two necklaces I got, a little flying piggy and a rocking horse.  I had red sparkly nails and used gold glitter (MAC 3D Gold) again on my eyes, this time with a gold base.  My close-up and portrait shot don't do it justice, but I was really pushed for time and my camera was playing up.  Oh and I managed a full length shot, first time ever I think.  I hope you all had a lovely time and if you're heading back to work tomorrow or have been working-that you get some time to enjoy yourself.

Wearing:  Lace insert dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, gold star tights House of Holland, horse ring The Jewellery Box, all other rings Primark, belt gift, horse and flying pig pendants gifts
Fit:  True to size, the ankle strap is particularly small but fine for me in the last hole.  Heel 5 6/8", platform 1 1/2".
Comfort: No issues.

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