Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 539 - The Windy City

Shoes: Black floral tapestry 'Lita' Jeffrey Campbell

Oh my gosh, it is soooo windy today. I'm one of these freaks that actually gets quite excited with adverse weather conditions (yes I've watched 'Twister' a few too many times). I'm sure it's global warming or some effect from that (yes watched 'The Day After Tomorrow' too many times too), because we've never experienced the type of wind we get nowadays in this country and it's happening a little too frequently. Today though, they're taking it very seriously (not sure why considering it's been as bad as this in recent weeks) and we have a red alert out (ooooh); we're being warned to stay off the roads, trains and buses aren't running because the bridges are shut, all schools in the area closed at lunchtime and the whole place is like a ghost town. I decided to brave the elements and go out for my walk, because wind doesn't bother me like ice or rain does, plus as I said, I find it rather exciting (saddo). I got on ok, although a minute after I left, the sleet started and it actually hurts when it's pinging off your face! It was much easier on the journey back as the wind blew me home. Something out the back just smashed, courtesy of a wheelie bin that blew over (upon inspection it's Mums pretty porcelain mushroom) and my wee, teeny little sister has to walk home in this (the only business that seems to be staying open!). Oh and yes, this is the third Jeffrey Campbell purchase in recent weeks!!!

Wearing: Black jersey dress, black leggings Primark, silk socks Kurt Geiger, ear cuff ASOS.
Fit: I'm a UK5/38 and these are a US8 and fit perfectly. Just under 5" heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: No issues.


  1. Discovering this blog + 2 cups of tea = one very pleasant evening!!

    Side effects are; one major girl crush; what a gorgeous stylish lady you are and an urge to get straight on ebay and buy shoes!! Must resist xmas presents come first *sigh* xoxo

  2. And I counted, no lie, of how many Jeffrey Campbells you had up-to-date, and I WAS RIGHT! haha, Oh god, you're gonna make me envy you sooo much! :P
    Love 'em. Oh, and rain beats wind Any Day ;PP


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