Monday, 4 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Nine - Special Day

Shoes: Kandee Diamonds spike platforms

So this was my outfit yesterday! Decided to break out the big guns for Mothers Day! I must admit my walking was tentative, small and sloooow steps. The hotel had such a plush carpet that it was very uneven to walk on anyway, never mind the ridiculous heels. They are in general ok to walk in but it's the fear of the heel breaking that worries me, sometimes you think you've just stepped on it funny and it's going to buckle beneath you and I'd cry if that happened! By the end of the day, my feet were slipping forward because i was hot and this is where I would probably have been ok with my usual size, but I bought a size up because I was worried they wouldn't fit.

Wearing: I wore black eyeshadow (Urban Decay Perversion) and winged it out which I never do but the new hair encouraged it! I didn't get many decent outfit pics yesterday though, sorry. The black floral prom dress is from Matalan and has net underneath and a matching belt, worn with my bow cardi New Look, lilac and black flowers in hair a gift, fluffy fox ring and swan ring The Jewellery Box, Sindy In Paris handbag Helen Rochfort and pearls my Granny's.
Fit: You could probably just take your regular size in these, I bought a size up (not that you can buy these shoes now anyway, super exclusive only 60 pairs made)!! Are you ready? 6 1/4" heel and 1 1/2" platform!
Comfort: Ok I admit they aren't the easiest to walk in or most comfortable, more for sitting or 'short walk' events!


  1. I love these shoes, they are super stunning! I wish I would have gotten a pair for myself while they were still available...I also like the outfit you wore together for these, especially the cute fox ring!

  2. i love these shoes, and the ring is so cute !
    have you seen the betsey johnson animal rings?!

  3. Love the shoes and rings. Love your style


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