Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm Back...

Whoop, whoop! Just installed Google Chrome as I found out Internet Explorer 9 doesn't seem to work with Blogger (you can write posts until your heart's content but can't publish them for anyone to see)!! However now as you can see I can publish and it's sorted that spacing issue that's been going on for the last month, it's super quick too (I've just edited all of the past months posts in a minute)! My only issue is whether to use GC purely for blogging (and IE9 for everything else) or move all my favourites over to this and use it for everything...we'll see.


  1. Chrome for everything, I recently switched over. It's really good.

  2. that whole 'shockwave flash player' has crashed thingy is annoying though-how do I fix that? It's doing it for practically every website I go on and won't show/play my blog videos...


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