Monday, 4 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Eight - The Way You Make Me Feel

Shoes: Purple croc 4 buckle courts Matalan

Sorry for disappearing this weekend, it's been very hectic, so I'll try and catch up with some posts now. Sometimes or a lot of the time it's as much about the way a shoe makes you feel as how it looks. This is one such case. These shoes are probably nothing that exciting to look at, but they have this ability to make you feel sexy and put a spring in your step. Probably because if you don't 'spring' you can't walk in them! They are very high without any platform, so you really have to bounce to keep going!

Wearing: Black floral dress either Asda or Tesco I can't remember! Bow cardi New Look. Sunglasses Primark and my new hair!
Fit: True to size and I love the 4 buckles because they are quite large and not those fiddly little ones you often get these days. I've put these shoes away and they're difficult to reach and I can't remember the heel measurement! It's either 4 1/2" or 4 3/4".
Comfort: You'll feel your legs aching from the height but the shoes themselves don't give you any bother. As I said, they are probably better for more experienced heel wearers, while it's unlikely you'll wobble or fall off them, the walking takes a certain technique.

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