Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirteen - Bold Baby

Shoes: Pink 'Bambino' Irregular Choice

I guess when you have 3 colours in your hair, you just have to accept that at some point you're going to clash with your outfit! For years I've built up a wardrobe to compliment fuchsia hair, avoiding colours like red and orange with clash badly but now I'm finding it more difficult. Like I say though, you just have to let it happen I guess! Today I managed to get my hair down to 2 colours, by putting it up in a bun-I thought it looked pretty cool, all green with a pink bun on top like it didn't belong to me! This dress used to look really striking with the pink and I still love that combination, hence the choice of shoes. I decided on the sweety, pink lips and electric blue liner and mascara after seeing it on Rihanna in her S&M video today (I think she rocked it better than me but never mind)!

Wearing: Blue polka dot dress Pearl Lowe for Peacocks (it was actually hanging off me today, so I added a belt which was also too big, so ended up with this elasticated one), belt Dorothy Perkins, sunglasses and leggings Primark.
Fit: Small fitting but you shouldn't need a size up. 5" heel and no platform (ouch), elasticated button fastening which I needed to cut a longer hole for on the strap.
Comfort: I'm sure last time I wore these, they weren't as uncomfortable but today they killed!


  1. Ohh my new obsession is polka dots!! I've been lusting after the Miu Miu Canvas polka dot sandals in blue but ehh budget can't afford those and plus I just brought some 2 pairs of shoes on ebay and both are coming from England, and a ton of other impulsive shoe buys from various sites... so I can't get those. But I'll settle for a similar look. My hunt continues... The shoes are adorable and of course I love your dress!!

  2. Oh I love the pink bun on top, it looks really cute! These shoes are adorable too - I don't think I could walk in ones that high though - I'm a heel newbie!

  3. HB&S-Thank you! Oh I know, I looove those Miu Miu shoes-actually Jeffrey Campbell have a lovely polka dot version which are slightly cheaper!

    Dani-thanks! The chunky heel is great, but you are basically just walking on the ball of your foot and no more!

  4. I've seen them and immediately was disappointed. They don't carry my size =[ I'm starting to think it's a personal vendetta against me ha! I did check a few sites and it seems Solestruck is the only site carrying that JC shoe right now. And going up a half size in sandals never work out for me. I have time to think it over since I'm returning a pair of shoes to solestuck. I hope this doesn't turn out to be another missed opportunity- regret. =[


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