Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Fourteen - Push It

Shoes: Tapestry 'Ebony' platforms Miss Selfridge

I'll update with my outfit etc tomorrow. I've been away to Dundee returning my Pearl Lowe dresses : ( Had to catch a later bus because I decided I wanted to wear these shoes and couldn't get the price stickers off the bottom in time. Stickers on shoes have to be one of my biggest hates. I'm quite phobic when it comes to stickers at the best of times, but they can completely ruin the soles of shoes (this pair being gold metallic, so they're now patchy), grrr!

Wearing: Primark striped sundress, leggings, coat and sunglasses. Fox ring Miss Selfridge, deer ring Topshop, snake bangle Primark, pearl & ribbon necklace Accessorize.
Fit: Narrow in the toe but you shouldn't need a size up-elasticated button fastening which you can just slip on without having to undo (thankfully). 5" heel and 1" platform.
Comfort: Easy to walk in, you have a nice solid base. Your toes are pushed forward and out through the peep toe which can take a bit of getting used to, I didn't have any specific problems with them though.

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