Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twelve - Work It Out

Shoes: Flying teddy bear 'Cortesan' Irregular Choice

Hiya! I'm trying to play catch-up...I did get out yesterday but didn't have time to post pics. Every day when I decide which outfit or shoes to wear I have a different approach. Yesterday I wanted to wear my new Playing Koi lipstick by MAC, it's a very peachy nude and led me to wear this bright peach prom dress and the only shoes I could think that would tie in were my Office 'Pentlow Prom' peep toes. However I wore them not so long ago and decided to have a rummage and see what else I could find. These shoes were perfect and not as matchy/matchy as the Office pair would have been. I often forget I own them (and the matching bag) and it's a shame because they are really fabulous-I love the print, colours and because I bought them a size larger they are actually pretty comfy!

Wearing: Peach prom dress and vest underneath, black leggings and sunglasses all Primark.
Fit: Cortesan styles fit small, so I bought a size larger and although they're possibly a little too big, they are much comfier than my smaller pairs. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Being a size larger they are somehow much easier to walk in and much comfier!

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  1. i love these, i always forget i own these heels too! i need a replacement bag for them as the teddy fell off my one :(


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