Friday, 24 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Twenty Seven - Good Gossip

Shoes: Black and nude patent 'Snowdon' boot Topshop

I'm a day behind, so here's what I wore yesterday for a trip to the hygienist. It was quite funny because on the bus journey home, I was aware of the old lady sitting opposite me staring at me and more particularly my shoes (she wasn't being indiscreet). As I got off the bus, I could tell she was talking about me to the only other person on the bus. Little did they know though, that as I got off, my Mum got on-hee hee. The two old dears spent the rest of the bus journey (a good 10-15 minutes) discussing me and my Mum heard the whole thing. They were saying 'did you see the height of her shoes? It's ridiculous...gone are the days I could wear a heel-although those shoes were terribly high'. They continued 'I've seen her around the town, she just had her stick with her today-she was walking-I don't know how in those shoes! So high! Sometimes she's pushed in a wheelchair.' Hello ladies, that would be by my Mum who's sitting right beside you!!! How can they see me and not her? Oh well, at least they didn't say anything nasty (my Mum was about to step in if they did anyway!)-I'm glad I'm amusement for some people.
Wearing: Black floral dress Dorothy Perkins with black frilly Primark skirt worn underneath. Black leggings and long sleeved top also underneath. Black coat (Primark) with added fur tippet and River Island shell bag. Dragonfly hair clip (Primark) in my gravity defying beehive, bird and deer rings Topshop, jewelled fox ring Evans.
Fit: A teensy bit small (or just difficult to get your foot into), 4 1/2" heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: Easy to walk in (old ladies take note), relatively comfy-although quite 'hard'.


  1. lovely shoe boots..and how funny about the nosey old dears on the bus..i always feel like saying, just because you're old doesn't mean social courtesy doesn't apply!

  2. Heehee, yeah they're a law unto themselves aren't they!


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