Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Twenty Two - Swallow Miu?

Shoes: Pale pink jewelled swallow platforms Shoesone (Korea)

Yep today it's yet another never before seen style. This design is just glorious and it's easy to see why we all fell head over heels for the spring Miu Miu shoes. The pale pink satin is a lovely shade combined with the contrasting black swallows. The jewelled section and chunky platform and heel just finish it off. Somehow all these aspects shouldn't work together, yet they do. I'm selling this pair and two other colours/prints on ebay if you are interested.

Wearing: No outfit post today.
Fit: Run a little large, 5" heel.
Comfort: No problems with these.

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  1. How on earth did you manage to order these? Are is there a button somewhere that puts everything in English that I'm missing? Thanks!


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