Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Twenty Three - Swan Song

Shoes: Turquoise swan 'Can Can' boots Irregular Choice

Another never before seen pair today! And another disappointment for me. I already own the black and white zig zag version of these-my 'oldest' readers may recall I wore them way back on Day 7. I think they are just a tiny bit too small for me, so I ordered this pair in a 39. They arrived yesterday and are actually a 40 inside a 39 box, so now I have to go to the bother of returning them. I'm actually not that pleased with them anyway, they absolutely stink! I'm not sure if it's the print of the paisley fabric or the robot fabric inside, but it's really strong and even after twice washing my hands, I can still smell it on them.

Wearing: We've eventually caved and put the heating on, yep it's now officially winter! I've been wearing these thick, fluffy socks to keep my feet from turning blue and decided I wouldn't even take them off for these images, sexy huh?!
Fit: Obviously this pair are too large for me, but I reckon a half size up from my normal size would fit perfectly. A very small 3" heel for me!!
Comfort: Can't really comment as my old pair are quite small and these too large.


  1. Mine don't stink, are they a new pair? i wasn't aware they made them new, but if they have robot fabric inside they must have relaunched the style i guess, how frustrating!! - i love this style to look at, but they just aren't high enough for me!!

  2. Yeah, I think Schuh kept re-releasing them for a while with the new soles/insoles. They have the red/panda sole, branch309 have them currently. I'm convinced it has to be the print/paint-the smell is so bad though that I couldn't put up with that even if they had sent the correct size! Shame...and I know what you mean, it's a shame they aren't higher.


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