Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Twenty - Sunday 12th Sept

Shoes: Aqua 'Margaux' wedges Terry De Havilland

My adorable little nephew turns 2 today, so on Sunday we went through to my sisters house and had a little party. I changed my outfit about a million times beforehand and finally decided practical was the best option. OK, so practical in my world consists of a maxi dress and designer wedges, but I'm thinking easy to wash dress, comfortable to wear and no sinking heels in the garden-seems better than the pure silk dress I considered! I'll put the rest of the images of these gorgeous shoes on my facebook page later today.
Wearing: Parrot print maxi dress G21 at Asda, black cardi, multi strand pearls ASOS, bird ring Primark and jewelled fox ring (my new love) Evans.
Fit: True to size, 1 1/4" platform and 5 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Very comfortable.


  1. oh wow - i love this dress, have been looking for it for ages - our george at asda is hopeless!
    and the fox ring is fabulous - i just found some lovely animal rings in h&M recently - they are on my latest blog post - it was a set of stag, rabbit, owl and fox, but i think yours is much nicer! :)

  2. Yeah I don't have a clothing store here, so just ordered online-they've actually got some really pretty dresses. Animal jewellery in general is my obsession right now-this fox ring is one of my faves though.


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