Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Twenty One - Still In Love

Shoes: Green floral 'Once in Love' wedges with pink suede trim Irregular Choice

Now for yesterdays shoes and wait for it, these are never before seen on TSGD! I ordered two new pairs of IC's last week and was so disappointed when this pair didn't fit. They are really tight, I can just get my foot in, but it's painful! It was kind of to be expected...they are similar in shape to my 'Dance The Night Away' and I had to take a bigger size in them. Oddly though my Prom Princess fit and they are my regular size-just the woes of Irregular Choice sizing unfortunately. This was the only pair they had left in any size, so I can't even order a size up. I've been wanting these shoes all season and I seem doomed when it comes to rosette styles in this fabric (remember the farce with the Schuh pair months ago?) I'm selling these on ebay if you are interested, I thought it was easier than sending them back.

Wearing: No outfit post today.
Fit: You'll probably need to order a size larger than usual. Amazing wooden layered wedge heel approx. 4 1/2"
Comfort: I can't really comment considering I took them off straight after these images and they don't fit properly!


  1. Such a shame these didn't fit - they're lovely !

  2. I know cos they're just so perfect! I can't find them in my size now though : (


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