Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Nine - Tempting Tartan

Shoes: Red tartan Dolly Interbow courts Office

I got up really early today because I had an appointment with the hygienist/tooth scraper/gum bleeder (!) but it was cancelled because she's ill. I should've spent the rest of the day being productive but instead I've wasted it doing I don't know what! So no outfit unfortunately...I'm thinking of running a little interactive something on my facebook page, where you get to choose which shoes I wear-oooh! So if you haven't already joined, then click the button to the right or search for 'Princess Gemma' on facebook.

Wearing: No outfit post today. Another pair of shoes that I'm selling on ebay...slightly reluctantly!
Fit: True to size, 4" heel.
Comfort: As I mentioned with the glitter version last week, the shoe is quite 'hard' but not uncomfortable.

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