Friday, 3 September 2010

Day Three Hundred & Eleven - T Dress

Shoes: Pewter t-bar peep toes French Connection

I just bought this lovely dress earlier in the week and it arrived today and fits really well. My only problem is it gapes slightly at the armholes, but all sleeveless or cap sleeve dresses seem to do this on me. I think it's the combination of having big boobs but thin arms. Anyway it's super cute and comfy. I took my leggings off as I realised I didn't need them (it's really quite warm today) and the dress length works better without.
Wearing: Floral dress George at Asda and black cardi.
Fit: True to size although narrow at the toe, 4" heel
Comfort: The narrow toe starts to pinch after a while, but otherwise fine.


  1. I think I am a little confused about your blog now. I just started reading it and maybe I am missing something, but your blog is one pair a day until you run out, right.... do you have 2 pairs of the same shoe or is this a repeat shoe with a new outfit?
    On day 63 you said that those were the only French Connection shoes you had.....

  2. Hi Rosalind-I finished the challenge on Day 290, using up all of my shoes that I have to hand currently. You can see that post and info here

    Everyone decided that they wanted me to keep the blog going, so now I try to post outfit pics and descriptions where possible and also a little more info about the shoes. The challenge was fun but lasted more than a year only getting to wear a particular pair once in that time, so now I'm going to wear what I like, when I like and it's more like an online shoe diary than a challenge. I hope my readers still find it interesting, even although they have seen the shoes before. I am trying to photograph them in a different way and there is always going to be new shoes added to the mix! : )

  3. Thank you for that!!!! I do really enjoy your blog, but I found out about it a little late (on day three hundred and nine I think).

    Thank you for sharing :)


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