Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day Two Hundred & Forty Nine - Dance The Night Away

A little bit of a slow start to the day, due to some technical problems. At first the computer mouse wouldn't work, then the keyboard. Thankfully, we had a brand new spare keyboard so I tried that and after a bit of fiddling around, everything is fixed, phew! These shoes are incredibly small made and I would say you have to definitely take a bigger size even if you aren't usually between sizes. It's surprising as my Prom Princess pair from Day 59 are a similar shape, yet my normal size fits perfectly. Naturally I have my eye on Once In Love from the Irregular Choice store, the updated equivalent of these.
Red and cream floral 'Dance The Night Away' wedges Irregular Choice


  1. I've always seen wedges like that and wondered how people walk in them. Are they difficult to walk in?

  2. they're incredibly comfy lilmissloz, it doesn't feel like you're teetering on a ledge, it just feels like an ordinary shoe.


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