Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Four - Pretty Ribbons

I've been searching for these shoes for days! I've slightly rearranged my shoe storage and when I went to wear them last week, they weren't where I thought they should be. Today I've almost suffocated in my wardrobe searching underneath my dresses, then I reached onto the top of my wardrobe and a falling box of shoes narrowly missed my head! If I'm ever found unconscious in my room, you can tell my parents it's because of my dangerous shoe storage system-it's not the first time I've dropped boxes whilst reaching up. I need to get one of those cool little ladders or stools they use in old fashioned shoe shops!
Pink suede peep toes with satin ribbon ties Topshop (and just look at how long the ribbons are)!

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