Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day Two Hundred & Forty Six - Cartoon Vuitton

I bought these shoes ages ago, but haven't worn them outdoors yet because I bought them to DIY! I was pretty obsessed with the Louis Vuitton beaded, shaped heels last winter and wanted something similar and thought the circular shape of this heel was as close as I was going to get. I've been on the lookout for suitable beads or pearls ever since, but none have been quite perfect. I do have a bracelet knocking about that *may* be suitable, so that's my crafty job for next week. They are very cartoonish and remind me of the Jetsons for some reason! Can I also mention how much I love the 'real' buckle, so easy to fasten and very adjustable, yipee!
Pink suede shaped heel platforms Limited Edition New Look


  1. These are gorgeous, and super-cartoony as well. I can imagine them on any number of stylised pinup girls (like in the girls drawing girls blog) x

  2. I still haven't got around to attaching beads to the heel!

  3. I love these soooooooo much and never managed to find a pair! If you're a 4 and ever fancy selling them let me know! :-) xxxxxx

    1. I'm a 5! Have misplaced these actually, you've reminded me I need to find them!


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