Friday, 11 June 2010

Day Two Hundred & Forty Four - All Over Unicorns

Where has the time gone today? It started off very dull and I thought I'd wear a more wintery pair of shoes, then it really brightened up and was boiling later, so I had a change of plan! I'm sure some people (probably my older sister), think it's inappropriate for a 30 year old to wear a frilly, floral cotton sundress and unicorn covered shoes. I'm sure there are also many people who think these shoes are hideous. I'd like to say to them, as only a 30 year old can, "eat my shorts", tee hee! Slagging off unicorns on either of my blogs is blasphemy and I will not hear of it, now leave me to my shoes with unicorns inside, outside and even on the sole!
Unicorn 'Sky Fox' sandals by Irregular Choice


  1. lol...can't think of a single reason why that would be inappropriate ;) maybe your sis needs to be a little less serious ;)

  2. Bah, I will be wearing unicorn-based outfits when I am 50! pretty mythical creatures are *always* appropriate, especially if also glittery :3 x

  3. Yay, unicorns forever!

    My sister and I have a understanding now, she just rolls her eyes when she sees my unicorn hair clips, big bows or ridiculously frilled things, we've moved on from her being publicly embarrassed by me. I suppose after 30 years she had to get used to it!


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