Saturday, 5 June 2010

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Eight - Prada and Primark

I've been up and out early today. Had to go into town to the bank because they have reason to believe my card has been "compromised". Whoever they think is to blame, hasn't actually tried to use my details yet, but it means another new card for me and no access to money until I get one. It's such a worry, but it's something that happens unfortunately and I already protect myself as best as anyone can, but aren't the tricksters always one step ahead?! Anyhow, I'm wearing my beloved Prada shoes today, a style straight from the SS08 catwalk! The wonderful fairy themed collection was a firm favourite of mine. I also have the silk stockings to match, but thought it might be overkill plus it's really warm today! I teamed these uber expensive shoes with a £7.50 Primark dress-I believe that's what they call 'eclectic' in the fashion world, tee hee!
Plum and black shoes with ankle cuff Prada


  1. These are so cute, there's something almost elven about the design :3

  2. I love them! Thanks for commenting x


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