Friday, 25 June 2010

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Three - I'm Back!

Hi guys, I'm baaaack! Still feeling a little worse for wear, but got some fresh air today, which has done me the world of good-although tired me out at the same time! I went with my little nephews to a local farm this morning and had a delicious breakfast of a large fruit scone with freshly made jam and tea. I've also fallen head over heels (not down the stairs this time I promise!) with a little piggy. A 1 day old, tiny little pink thing with black spots, it was sooo cute, absolutely adorable and could've been mine for £50! I was unbelievably tempted, although only if it didn't grow into the large and rather ugly, smelly Mummy it had! Not quite sure what one wears to a farm, decided these were probably the most 'sensible' pair of shoes I own! Seeing as you've been shoe deprived for almost a week, here's multiple shoe shots today! Although I'm sure you will recall these beautiful booties from my Pink Haired Princess blog, because I raved about them when I bought them. If you aren't tempted to buy them after seeing these photos, what's wrong with you?!
Cream leather and black patent striped bow booties River Island Design Forum by Sophia Grace

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