Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Day 1018 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice Fluffy Tail gold bunny heels
Shoes: Pink 'Fluffy Tail' Irregular Choice 

So here's the runner up that you chose to see next (thank you for your votes), the bunnies! Can you believe it was last November that I got these, but you've never seen them here yet?
I've actually attempted to photograph them three times now and the first two, all the photos were out of focus or rubbish. Even the last time, several were. I think it's the amount of sequins and the swirly, polka dot pattern that confuses my camera (or my tired, shaky arms). I did manage to salvage a few shots (I refuse to dig out the shoes and re-take them for the 4th time), so I had options for the image above. I kind of forget they have the fluffy tail on the back (yes, despite the name), but it's such a cute and quirky touch. The strap, I seem to be between holes, it's so annoying! It's slack in the first hole, but I need to lose the boobs and hold my breath for an impossibly long time to get it into the tighter hole. Generally, I'm always huffing and puffing after buckling up shoes (I do blame the boobs), I need someone to do it for me! Size wise, I went up a full size and am glad I did.  I can fit socks on with them, but there's little room.  I've linked to the only pair I could find of the gold bunnies, still in stock, the fluffy tailed ones went quickly.  Next week I might show you my pandas, which arrived yesterday.  If I can decide which colour to keep, decisions, decisions.

Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 3/4" concealed platform. I sized up in these and they are a good fit.
Comfort:  A little stiff at first, need breaking in. Irregular Choice Fluffy Tail gold bunny shoes Irregular Choice Fluffy Tail gold bunny heel close up Irregular Choice Fluffy Tail gold bunny shoes fluffy heel detail


  1. I have serious shoe love! These are adorable. I love how quirky Irregular Choice are with their designs. I really need to get myself a pair from them soon, I need some magical looking shoes! - Tasha

    1. The are fabulous, I have a lot of love for IC! I love the wee fluffy tail on the back, as if the sequins, frills and bunnies weren't enough!

  2. Hiya, did you size up for the pandas? I always seem to agree with whatever you say about sizing and can't decide which to go for? My normal IC size, or what is fast become by one-size-larger character heel IC size!

    1. Definitely size up sweetie. I ordered both sizes and the 6 were perfect, the 5's I could only just squeeze one foot in (but not the other)!

  3. These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo adorable! I'd even be able to get past the gold bunny with the cutenssx

  4. What do you use to take your pictures


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