Friday, 6 March 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Yang Guang

Irregular Choice Yang Guang shoes
Ah I seem to be running behind today. Then Polyvore went down, right when I needed it! So yes, this post is definitely later than intended. Today I'm looking at another pair of panda shoes.
This time the black Irregular Choice Yang Guang £125. I really love the simple shape of these, so I was disappointed that I disliked the applique strips. I have to say they're growing on me as time goes on, but I must not buy a fourth pair! Like I said yesterday, I tend to think if you have a theme, you should sometimes just roll with that and I happened upon this dress yesterday but wanted to include it today. It's got little pandas all over it! Not too obvious though, so I think from afar people wouldn't realise. I wanted some big statement earrings with this look and then two further 'statement' items popped up. This fringed clutch from River Island and these rather cool sunglasses by Jeepers Peepers. I'm afraid the set was quite rushed given the time, but I do like the items in it. What do you think?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Yang Guang
Worn with: Yumi panda dress £48, River Island fringed clutch bag £36 (sale), Jeepers Peepers black Lexi sunglasses £25 and BooHoo Laila geo earrings £5.


  1. I like that dress but I don't like these Panda shoes, they look like they've got plasters all over them!x

    1. Yes, see that's why I didn't like them. I have a sticker phobia and these look like someone has stuck stuff all over your shoe! Had they been shaped and tapered like bamboo leaves that would've looked better. I just don't understand what rectangular strips have to do with pandas!


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