Friday, 13 March 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Bordello Teeze 43

Bordello Teeze 43 platform shoes
A little late with posting tonight because I've been at physio today and needed a wee rest afterwards. I may have gone overboard on the matchy-ness with this outfit, I blame a stressful day! So I was preparing for the launch of the Irregular Choice dinosaur heels this morning. They threw me a curve ball by releasing the unicorn handbag (King of the Castle) I'd had my eye on for this season. I figured I might as well order it along with my dinosaurs, but there was another new handbag that caught my eye, Magic Bunny. I think I heard murmurs of a bunny bag back when the gold heels were released, last year. However nothing came of it and I clean forgot. Typical that it's released today too! It's strange because they only have it in pink, which happens to be the match for my shoes, but there isn't a black version for the black/gold shoes. All part of their 'Bankrupt Gemma' ploy, "give her another unicorn bag, she can't resist unicorns", "bring out a bunny bag to match her shoes, she'll want that too"!!
So I realised I was going to be paying A LOT more than I first thought, then they released the dinos and the style I liked (floral Roarsum) were £189. Er yeah, totally didn't see that coming! So I was adding it to my basket (their website is notoriously slow to load), while trying to transfer money from my ISA into my account (for the second time that morning) and of course my computer froze, the internet wouldn't respond, argh! I managed to get them all thankfully, but now I'm worried the shoes might not fit (couldn't exactly afford to buy two sizes). Roll on the refund for my pandas, so I'm not broke anymore! Then I had physio this afternoon, so I'm obviously knackered after that and just want to sleep, but have work to get on with now. I also play Stardoll (don't ask, you don't want to get hooked) and they had a limited edition release of adorable pets this morning too, so I was stressing about which to buy as some had already sold out and my sister was at work, so I had to log into her account and spend her money, guessing at which ones she'd want! Even in the virtual world, shopping can sometimes be stressful! Now I have no money for the adorable seahorse dress I blogged about last time, so I'm gutted about that, especially as they have 13% off today for Friday 13th (use code SLASHER). Which brings me to the shoes today, which are from that site, Bordello Teeze 43 £68.99, like vintage army/military shoes. If soldiers wore platforms of course!  Like I said, I might have colour matched a little too much with this Darling 'Talia' floral dress and Voodoo Vixen kitty cardigan. Though the green cardi is a slightly different tone to the green in the shoes, I'm hoping they are far enough away from each other and/or look better together in real life.  I finished with a Valentino bag. I've mentioned the clutch before, but these bags are really good value for the designer name, of course they aren't real leather, but that may not bother you. What do you think of this look? Did anyone else buy some Irregular Choice today? The Shoe Girl Styles It: Bordello Teeze 43
Worn with: Darling 'Talia' floral dress £35 (sale), Voodoo Vixen green kitty cardigan £26.99 (sale) and Valentino 'Selene' bag £85.  


  1. Hello!!! Sorry, I will reply to your email when I'm in a computer again, thanks for the shoes piccies. Much as I loved the coloured dino sandals they were just too expensive plus I am on a shopping fast for Lent. I also think they were too high. But they were cool!!! That Valentino bag is a relative bargain.x

    1. That's alright, I actually have another photo to send you, will do it later. Yeah I hadn't prepared myself for the price, phew! It is a bargain, you'd pay that for a high street bag of the same size. Good if you DON'T want leather too.

  2. Not too much colour-matching, in my opinion. Love the kitten cardigan!


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