Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Vivienne Westwood Sabot

Vivienne Westwood Sabot heels
These shoes are rather cute, but you get the feeling someone forgot the back of them! I quite like that little quirk though.
They are Vivienne Westwood 'Sabot' £340 in black patent. A backless mary-jane with a curved heel. A "mule" some might say. I turned to Vivienne Westwood for pretty much the entire look today, starting with these floral patterned trousers. The print is a favourite of mine (I believe I already styled the dress, yes here), the court shoe in this print is on my wishlist. With so much going on with the trousers, I opted for a plain black knitted top and finished the look with this adorable heart shaped handbag and Swarovski blush sunglasses. Smart, casual. I like it, how about you?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Vivienne Westwood Sabot
Worn with: Vivienne Westwood Red Label short sleeved jumper £195 and 'Marilyn' trousers £374, Vivienne Westwood Frilly snake heart bag £230 and Swarovski 'Amazing Blush' sunglasses £210 (sale).


  1. That bag looks like a sleepy face!x

    1. Took me a while cloud lady, but I see it!

  2. I love Vivienne Westwood designs and patent leather, so these shoes are soooo my taste, lovely! Mule or not - mmm, I don't really think it is - I loved them, and I liked the heart shaped-bag as well!

    1. Thank you Denise. Yes, not sure when something becomes a mule or when it's a slip on, backless shoe!


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