Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Tian Tian

Irregular Choice Tian Tian panda shoes
Thank you for all your comments regarding my new panda heels. I seem to be turning into one of those annoying people incapable of making decisions and today I feel no more ready to pick which (if any) to keep. I never used to be like this, but I keep giving myself options, then it bamboozles me! Do you see that photo above though? That's yet another pair of panda heels, which I may have just added into the mix!!
They are Irregular Choice 'Tian Tian' £130 and actually the original 'sneaky' image I saw of the panda heels. I wasn't greatly in love with what I could see of the shoe, but given my current dilemma, I decided I may as well try these too, so ordered them this afternoon. They are black, but have woven uppers that flash metallic; purple, blue and green. Given that most of us thought the black was too plain on the beaded bit of my Pin Yin, I wondered if the flashes of colour in these might be a little more interesting. I do have a discount code for you, for £5 off wys £50 or more and it's ZAFEBMAR5 if you fancied trying them yourself. It takes that price down to what the other pandas cost and delivery is free in the UK. So I thought I'd see how I'd style them and this Yumi floral dress jumped out at me. It's got this very slight Asian vibe to it, which made the panda feel at home. I added some Claire's earrings and I'll absolutely be wearing any of the panda rings I own with my shoes, there's no such thing as too much panda! I did a quick google search and found a peach pair of Tian Tian, which are lovely. Had they been available here, they would've been my first choice, but I'm hoping this black pair will excite me.  What do you think, like these better than the two styles that were released last Friday? The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Tian Tian
Worn with:  Yumi floral dip-dye dress £35 (sale), Claire's moving panda drop earrings £4.50 and Hamley's Ping Ping panda soft toy £25.  


  1. This is a really cute look!x

  2. I have been equally as confused about the pin yin shoes. I ordered the same two pairs as you and had decided to keep the black as im not completely sure the colours all go together very well in the yellow pair. I think the black ones are really pretty in person and would go with lots of things. However after seeing this post im now thinking i will order the tian tian and see if i like them better. I prefer the shape of them and really like the metallic black. Such a shame the peach ones arent available here, they are gorgeous! Xx .

    1. I can't tell you the amount of times I've thought I'd made the right decision, then changed again. I guess for the amount of money, the shoes need to be wearable and I'm not sure the yellow are for me. The black could've been more exciting though. I found these photos of the black Tian Tian and the colours look a lot more vivid than they do on Zalando, so I'm slightly reassured I'm going to like this pair. Definitely worth a try anyway, though I am disappointed we can't get the peach pair, so lovely!


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