Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 590 - You'll Never Change What's Been And Gone

Shoes: Black fringed boots Primark

Oh what a day or rather what a month! I've always hated February and decided not to let it get to me this year, but it's really starting to.  Ok, so this obsession with the dark eyes, wearing black etc, I'm thinking it's in part due to my hair, as well as my mood.  I haven't dyed it since mid-December, so obviously the roots are really bad, which would normally bother me.  However, I'm embracing the look now and just want to wear lots of eyeliner, my beanie hat, Gaga t-shirt and some skinny jeans or leather trousers, which by the way I don't own!  I probably wouldn't be comfortable wearing something like that these days though, so I'll just have to grunge-ify my pretty dresses as much as is possible.  I always kinda admired girls that already have that 'rock look' to them, no matter what they're wearing.   I'm always a bit too prim and prissy!

Wearing:  Pink and black floral dress, suede leggings and hat all Primark-oh and the shoes-an entire Primark outfit!
Fit:  True to size.  Full length zip, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort:  No issues.

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