Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 582 - Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Shoes: Black suede 'Night Walk' Jeffrey Campbell

Oh man, I have such an embarrassing story to tell today.  I had been wearing these shoes for around an hour indoors and was just about to go out on my walk, got to the front door (thankfully hadn't opened it yet) and I don't know what happened but basically I took a tumble!  There was nothing to grab onto (other than the door handle, which I couldn't quite grasp at first) and my worst fear was going straight through the glass panel next to the door (and landing outside!) or else there's this rather insane and fragile clock at our front door which is taller than me and next to that is this ceramic dog I got from my Granny's house after she died (honestly it's the ugliest dog you've ever seen, but I can remember it from when I was younger, so that's why I had to have it).  Anyway I had visions of landing on all that stuff and breaking them and having to explain what happened to my parents!!  Somehow though (it seemed like an eternity), I managed to steady myself and pull myself back up before I hit the ground.  I've hurt my wrist and banged my elbow pretty good and I can feel the aches already, but other than that I'm all good and nothing in the house is broken, phewee!  All I can say is, thank God it happened inside and that nobody was home to see it!  I can't really blame the shoes, if you're going to stumble, you're going to stumble-no matter what's on your feet. I think I rolled over on my ankle but both feet just went from me and there wasn't a lot I could do.  It certainly won't stop me wearing these shoes, so no worries there.

Wearing: Lace print dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, grey fleece lined tights and hat Primark.
Fit: A little bit big on me compared to my Lita boots which are also an 8 (US). Platform 3", heel 6 3/4" if you follow the curve, 5 3/4" straight off the ground.
Comfort: They are comfortable, you can easily walk at a normal pace and don't feel like you're falling or leaning backwards at all.

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  1. You always look so stunning! Keep it up, Lady! :)


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