Friday, 24 February 2012

Day 592 - I'm More Than A Bird, I'm More Than A Plane

Shoes: Purple metallic 'Otters' Irregular Choice

Sorry for not posting yesterday; I ended up on a cleaning spree and didn't have time to get dressed and go out. I felt really lethargic today too, so it seemed to take me forever to get ready. I thought I looked like crap and it wasn't until uploading these photos that I realised I wasn't wearing any blush. Shock horror! Blusher is definitely one of my must-have makeup items and I really need that pop of colour, so I look a little sluggish in the pics below! I got paid today, so I need to go and buy some hair-dye as it's been months since I last coloured it. I'm fancying a change...! Oh and wearing new boots today (maybe can't get a good look from the pic above but I liked how bright they looked outside) and just order another 2 pairs of IC ankle boots, something to look forward to next week.

Wearing: Black heart dress F&F at Tesco, black leggings Primark, felt flower hair clip DOLLYgirl, cardi Be Beau at Matalan.
Fit: Slip on, almost 4" heel. I've tried both sizes and while my normal size are quite tight across the foot, the heel area is large and on the bigger size my foot slipped out too much, so I stuck with my regular size.
Comfort: I definitely think they will stretch with wear, but no issues.


  1. Amazing! The shoes and the dress are both so gorgeous, as are you! :) xx

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and I love it!!
    I want ot buy IC Otter in gloden, but I can`t find many reviews or photos of them being worn online - but I found your blog!! I love it!
    Can you post or send me more photos of how they look worn?
    Thank you and following You! :D


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