Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 574 - I'll Go Wherever You Will Go

Shoes: Cream lace and spike 'Ella' River Island

I've been shopping today-I was just so desperate to get out of the house and go somewhere.  I seemed to spend money but didn't really get much! A few new pairs of pj's, some jewellery and possibly a couple of dresses if they fit (didn't have energy to try them on).  Anyway, I'll get that outfit up tomorrow, in the meantime, here are another pair of shoes I sold last weekend.  These really broke my heart, especially as I had a lot of bother to buy them in the first place.  In the end I managed to get my hands on both the navy and cream.  They are covered with little lace, leather and metal flowers and some spikes in between.  As I mentioned yesterday I'm just trying to be more strict and figured I hadn't yet worn these and did I really need both colours?  Thankfully, they went for a good price otherwise I'd have been spewing, so it was worth it in the end (especially as it almost paid for a new pair of JC's)!

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: True to size. Heel just over 6" with 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort:  Having tried these on again the other day I realised although the heel and platform are high, they are reasonably easy to walk in and you have a very cushioned insole under foot.


  1. NoOoOoO!! I missed you selling shoes!?!?!?!? It's what I wait for!! haha. However these are so beautiful. So girly, I love the lace and flowers. ^_^


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