Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 596 - A King With No Crown

Shoes: Gold and black 'Gawp' River Island

Hello chickies, how are you all today?  The day has just flown by for me and I haven't got much done.  I think I'm going shopping tomorrow because there's a few things I'm on the look-out for.  It was supposed to be really mild today and it was (14 degrees) but it wasn't a particularly pleasant day, it wasn't sunny and was quite dull which was a pity.  I tried to wear a pair of shoes I haven't worn for a while because I feel I've been reaching for the same pairs lately.  These are a little tricky to walk in, I felt really 'clompy'.  They were slipping off my heel, but are an otherwise small fit, so they're maybe just not a good fit for me personally.  I may consider selling them, even although I love that fabulous heel detail.

Wearing: Lace collar dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, nude heart tights and hat Primark.
Fit: Run small, need a size up. 5 1/4" heel and 1 1/4" concealed platform. The platform is the reason for the strange fit-they take up so much depth inside the shoe there's no room left for your foot.
Comfort: The bigger size is definitely a better fit (I couldn't even get my foot in the smaller pair), but they're not the easiest to walk in. The shoe is very heavy so I felt it slipping off my heel which in turn made me walk funny and today I felt my ankles really weak when wearing them : (
and because it may help on my quest to bag Brad Pitt, my leg tried to escape today. It's my left one but right legs sticking out are sooo last weekend don't you know!

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