Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day Four Hundred & Sixty Seven - Wood You?

Shoes: Green and blue striped 'Menna' by PPQ for Office

Whassup chickies? No internet again this morning...means I just spend hours sitting staring at the lights on the modem box thingy, getting nowt done! Did attempt to get dressed today then lost interest and didn't make it out, naughty me. Now the internet is back, I'm using it while I can, so here's my outfit from y'day. The shoes aren't the comfiest, a little (or maybe a lot) tight on me, but surprisingly easy to walk in, I felt very 'safe'. They have a superb polished wood platform and heel, but it's the stripes and bows that called to me!

Wearing: Blue polka dot wrap dress Barbara Hulanicki at Asda, cami underneath Primark.
Fit: Tight but true in length, adjustable buckle and bow moves on strap to where you need it.
Comfort: It was only because they were tight that they hurt me, hopefully they'll stretch a little with wear. As I said in the post, easy to walk in surprisingly.

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  1. You look fabb, darling!~
    Your face is very cute, and the shoes are quite smashing to look at, as well as wear! ;P


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