Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day Four Hundred & Sixty One - Once More

Shoes: Lilac skull 'Lady Dragon' Vivienne Westwood & Melissa

I've been trawling through my photos to find The Shoe Girl Diaries posts I've missed seeing as I didn't get out today. Believe it or not, there's still a couple! This was taken...hmm, not too long ago judging by my new hairstyle (it's shorter and I've lost the pink, it's mainly turquoise with some purple at the ends and back). I love my hair like this when it's really short, but I think I'll get Mum to cut even more off, as once the curls drop it's still quite long (shoulder length-ish). It means I'm losing the pink/purple though, but seeing as I haven't coloured it pink for over a year now, I guess I could add a little colour to the ends for next time. The purple is a gorgeous colour and created when the turquoise covers the pink sections (but I wouldn't recommend mixing the two dye colours together beforehand as the pink is so strong it rarely changes colour at this stage). Yes, I'm wearing my jellies a lot just now-trying to get some wear out of them before the bad weather sets in. I figured wearing the mint pair with this dress would be a little too twee, so chose the lilac instead.

Wearing: Mint butterfly (apparently?) shirt dress Dorothy Perkins, black leggings Primark, black bow cardi New Look.
Fit: True to size, adjustable slingback, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Ok and easy to walk in.


  1. hiii php :) I'm sorry to bother you, but I just love your style and your hair <3 and I was just wondering, as I know you cut your own hair, how do you cut it into that awesome style? I just love it :)

  2. Hi Pixie, thank you..well my trick is to brush my hair into a forward ponytail in the centre of my forehead and just cut it off-straight, as much as you want! When you untie it, the top should be shorter and the underneath is longer and it's feathered throughout. For this style though, I got my Mum to cut as I wanted the longer bits cut shorter than would work in the ponytail and couldn't do this by myself. She then feathered/thinned it throughout. I always cut my own fringe and just use really sharp scissors. Hth x


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