Friday, 26 August 2011

Day Four Hundred & Sixty Eight - The Dance We Do

Shoes: Black and gold 'Tilted Tips' Office

Another day without the internet, this time until half 4 this afternoon-not good! Turns out you need to be pretty techy minded to follow the jargon on the help forum of our internet provider, but surely it has to be something with either that or the area, given that it works perfectly well when it does come back (shouldn't be modem, filter etc). Jeez, there's always something eh? I'm now really not looking forward to my eBay auctions ending on Sunday, as I'll be inundated with last minute questions and have a gazillion messages to send and payments to deal with but no internet. Impossible! Another pair I'm selling are these...I bought them, maybe last year? And I haven't worn them at all. They are gorgeous in the flesh, the gold brocade-like design is so striking an don't they kinda remind you of Scottish dancing pumps? I just haven't had my wear out of them at all, so good ol' ruthless me is passing them on! Shame I can't be so ruthless in the first place and stop myself from buying eh?

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel and small platform.
Comfort: Don't foresee any issues with these.

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